Thursday, March 9, 2017

Tutorial: The Motown Slider

     A couple days ago, I included a streamer in our recent Smallmouth article that I've called the Motown Slider, and have been asked by a few people how it's tied.

     My Motown Slider has been an effective bass fly over the past couple years for both Smallmouth and Largemouth bass. It's even taken its share of large bluegill! The body is the same body I've used in the past to tie some quick sculpin using Flymen Sculpin Helmets, but when I went to tie some of those sculpins up for an even for Reel Recovery, I realized I only had a few helmets left and didn't have any time to order some. The head is tied similar to the way an old wool sculpin would be tied...

     I'll usually tie these guys up in olive, brown, rust (see Ozark Bronze), or black, but I'm low on Zonker strips, and baitfish colors definitely work too!

     Hook: Allen Fly Fishing B200 Bass Bug hook in their size 6. Size 1 equivalent in a Gamakatsu B10S.
     Eye; Allen Fly Fishing dumbell eye.
     Thread: Danville 70 denier, Grey.
     Tail/back: Zonker strip.
     Tail 2.0: Angel Hair/Mohair mix, (available soon from Mountain Bayou) or flash of your choice.
     Body: Palmered Grizzly saddle hackle over Grayvy colored Bayou Dub... You can use pretty much any dubbing here, of course.
     Collar: Angel Hair/Mohair mix and fur from another piece of Zonker.
     Head: Senyo's Laser Dub.

1: Before you place your hook in the vise, pierce a 1.5" or so piece of Zonker strip with a bodkin and drive the hook right trough it. Place your hook in your vise, and tie on your dumbell eyes using figure-8's and cross wraps. Apply a drop of super glue or head cement on top of the eyes to help hold them in place.
 2. Tie in your under tail.

3: Tie in your saddle hackle by the tip, and wrap your dubbing body, stopping 1/8" or so behind the eyes.

 4: Palmer your hackle forward, tie off, and flip your hook over. Pull your Zonker strip over the hackle, and tie off at the end of the body. Tie in a small clump of the Angel Hair/Mohair mix on each side.
5: Tie in three clumps of hair, cut from another piece of Zonker strip. One on each side, and one on top.
 6: Tie in 4 small clumps of Laser Dub. One on each side, top, and bottom.
7: Pull the Laser Dub back, bring your thread in front, make a few wraps to hold it tight, and repeat step 2 or 3 more times until you're at the eye of the hook.
8: It looks rough now, but tie off, and cement your thread. At this point, you can leave it in your vise or take it out, whichever is easier, but it's time to grab a pair of sharp scissors and trim away!

The completed Motown Slider!

- Michael Spencer


  1. Excellent, Michael! I will spend some time trying this on my own....... That means be prepared for more questions..................